Asbestos Tape

The specification covers asbestos tape woven from grade A plain asbestos yarn containing 80 - 85 per cent asbestos, and suitable for electrical purposes. Four thicknesses of tape are given. The tape 0.015-in. thick + 0.003-in., 30-ends per inch, 18 picks per inch, shall have a strength of 25-lb. per inch width and 1-in. width be 40 yards per lb. minimum. The strength shall not be less than 50 per cent of this after heating in an oven at 300 deg. C. for 5 mins. The 0.25-in. thick tape, 27-ends and 12 picks per inch, shall be not less than 25 yards per lb., and strength 50-lb. per inch width. The tolerance for width is 1/32-in. above or below for tapes up to 1-in., and 1/10-in. for tapes above 1-in. The tapes shall be uniformly woven and have selvedge edges, and shall be free from microscopic particles of iron.

Dictionary of the English textile terms. 2014.

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